Started in 2009, owner Jaclyn A. Lusk began You Got Served / YGS Legal as an attorney service firm, specifically managing service of process for several Southern California law firms. For the past decade, Jaclyn has worked closely with lawyers and law firms to gain the skills and knowledge to assist the general public with their legal document preparation needs.

Given the knowledge and skills developed, we determined in order to cover all the aspects and services we offer, re-branding the business was in our best interest.

In 2018, The Legal Shop was created. This allowed YGS Legal to go through a re-branding / transition that incorporates all of the services currently provided by the company.

The Legal Shop continues to provide a low-cost alternative to hiring an attorney. We are one place you can go for all of your legal needs. 





Our services include assistance with all document preparation required for beginning, filing and enforcing Small Claims Cases ($100-10,000), Evictions (Unlawful Detainer), and Judgment Collections.

Our packages also include all court filings, service of process, copies, printing charges, and mailings required for each and every case at no extra charge

ABOUT The Legal shop

Our Services

When it comes to your children the most important thing is having a close and nurturing relationship. At the end of any custody case or divorce case with children, the court makes a ruling on which parent will have legal custody of the parties' child or children and how much parenting time each parent will have with them. If you are in need of legal assistance with your documentation or any child custody, divorce, adoption or related matter, we can help you and your family at a lower cost than an attorney. 

We specialize in the following:
Child Custody & Support
Father's Rights / Child Custody
Mother's Child Custody
Restraining Orders
General Family Legal Assistance‚Äč

Corporation and LLC Filings
DUI Expungement
Restraining Orders
Name Change
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Business Consulting

Service of process rates include up to five attempts, no additional charge for proof paperwork or diligence.  Regular service will be attempted within 48 hours.  Rush service will be attempted within 24 hours. Regular Service Areas include Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties.

Rejected documents will be charged additionally for repeat filing. Regular filing will be attempted within 6 hours on the next day.  Rush filing will be attempted within 4 hours on the next day.  Regular Filing Areas include Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties.